Argument Over Aretha Franklin In Barbershop Sparks Shooting, Virginia Man Arrested

Esequiel Farfan
Agosto 19, 2018

WTKR reports that in Suffolk, Virginia, on Thursday, August 16, a man was shot in a barbershop while arguing with another about whether Halle Berry was cast, or should be cast, as the recently deceased Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

Police said they could not verify the claims the men's argument revolved around Franklin.

Michael Jermell Hatton, 44, allegedly pulled out a gun and shot the other man, Tony Jonathan Lundy, 47, once outside the shop.

Both men were rushed to hospital and Lundy remains in a serious condition. Meanwhile, Hatton received treatment for his injuries and has been moved to Western Tidewater Regional Jail where is he being held without bond.

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Berry turned down the role of the "A Natural Woman" singer, saying it was because she couldn't sing.

'That's when I asked the question, "How is Aretha doing?", And they said she died five minutes ago'. "Someone should tell Aretha that I can't do her justice". The legend had written a letter to The Wendy Williams Show commenting on the possible casting of Berry.

"E$3 verything's subject to negotiation, and she shouldn't underestimate her own talent". "There are a number of other leading ladies out there that can definitely handle the role". She's an actress, not a singer. Instead, Jennifer Hudson was tapped to play the Queen of Soul in the film. "Many actors have portrayed vocalists by lip-synching to the artists' original recordings".

She passed away Thursday morning following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

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