World to experience EXTREME heat for next FOUR YEARS

Federico Mansilla
Agosto 15, 2018

While many have appreciated the scorching weather across the British Isles over the past few months, it has left the United Kingdom facing a number of severe issues.

However, it will be something that we may have to get used to.

Both average ground and sea surface temperatures could be abnormally high, which may in turn increase the likelihood of tropical storms.

The biggest factor driving the forecast was an increased likelihood of "extreme warm events".

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It involves gathering information from previous changes in a system's state to calculate the probabilistic chances of transitions to future new states.

A new, statistical forecasting method has suggested that over the next four years temperature rises attributable to cyclical natural effects could eclipse the long-term global warming trend.

The scientists, led by Dr Florian Sevellec, from the University of Brest in France, wrote in the journal Nature Communications: "For 2018-2022, the probabilistic forecast indicates a warmer than normal period, with respect to the forced trend (of global warming)".

The findings also suggest that oceans will warm more rapidly than the air above land, potentially increasing the risk of hurricanes, typhoons and other extreme weather.

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