Vimeo scrubs Alex Jones from streaming service

Esequiel Farfan
Agosto 15, 2018

Following a CNN investigation that claimed Jones has actually violated the rules numerous times, a Twitter spokesperson said seven of Jones' tweets out of the more than a dozen CNN presented did, in fact, violate Twitter's rules, CNN reported.

The video service deleted the right-wing conspiracy theory's account Sunday night, the latest blow for Alex Jones. Jones said on his program Friday that he had instructed his staff to do so and "take the super high road", though he contested whether the tweets violated any Twitter rules.

Facebook in July banned Jones personally from posting on the platform for 30 days and removed four videos for violating its rules.

Jones is not out of the woods yet with Twitter.

According to CNN, a Twitter spokesperson was "not immediately able" to identify which of the tweets in question violated its terms of service. They have been removed by Facebook, YouTube and even the MailChimp email service for alleged violations. "Twitter asked that members of its safety team not be identified, for fear of them becoming targeted by internet trolls", the Times reports.

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Following calls for similar restrictions on Twitter, a spokesperson for the site revealed Jones and his affiliated accounts would remain active.

The company continues to state that it is a platform for free expression. We know that's hard for many but the reason is simple: "he hasn't violated our rules", Dorsey explained. Thus, the social media site has taken to perhaps keeping on more controversial material than what other websites are willing to.

Spotify, a music and podcast streaming company, followed suit last week when it removed some specific episodes of Jones's programmes.

After Vimeo banned InfoWars, they reportedly notified Jones and gave him a refund, adding, "We do not want to profit from content of this nature in any way".

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