Strong quake again hits Indonesia's Lombok island

Federico Mansilla
Agosto 10, 2018

Another powerful natural disaster has rocked Indonesia, adding further destruction to the already-ruined Lombok island.

Several agencies have been releasing higher death toll figures than the 131 announced on Wednesday by National Disaster Mitigation Agency, which has a coordinating role in disaster relief. They are now sleeping outside, some subsisting on crackers and chili sauce as food supplies run out. "She was trying to get out, but she got hit by a wall and fell down".

"When the quake happened, I took my kid and ran", she said. "We could see cars shaking back and forth on the street".

The death toll for the earthquakes is believed to have topped 300, with the latest 5.8 magnitude quake further damaging buildings and causing panic.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman for Indonesia's disaster agency, tweeted videos on Thursday showing what appeared to be new damage to buildings and power lines. "It's cold at night and very hot during the day". "We are still working on it", Husni added. "I'm very anxious, we need help here".

The Indonesian Red Cross is focusing relief efforts on the northern areas of Lombok where aid has not yet reached.

He also says they're continuing to look for people with untreated injuries.

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"Falling rubble instantly paralyzed Mary Andoni from the waist down when Indonesia was shaken by one of its deadliest earthquakes in years".

As relief agencies get to work on the ground, they warned the full impact of the quake may take days to become known.

Tens of thousands of homes, businesses and mosques were levelled by the quake, which struck on Sunday as evening prayers were being said across the Muslim-majority island.

Meanwhile, the evacuation of tourists from the Gili Islands - three tiny, coral-fringed tropical islands off the northwest coast of Lombok - has finished, officials said.

The island is a popular holiday spot and thousands of tourists have now left.

A total of 164 people were now confirmed dead in the quake, Nugroho told AFP, with a further 1,400 seriously injured and more than 150,000 displaced. Rescue workers were still digging through rubble and trying to reach survivors of Sunday's quake.

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