Samsung Galaxy Note 9 forums are now open

Ceria Alfonso
Agosto 10, 2018

The company is also sending phones to outside labs, including UL, for independent safety tests.

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Just about everything you could possibly want to know about the Galaxy Note9 has already leaked out, but there's still the official launch event to look forward to later today in NY. The Note 9 will get an update... eventually. It connects to your phone but also has its own 4G/LTE connectivity. Samsung didn't even really attempt to sell the new Note as revolutionary, or to convince its audience that they were getting a great product for the money.

Then again, 2019 could be the year that things really change in terms of the brand's smartphone design, so reading anything into this year's models for the future could well be moot - if that does happen, then the Note 9 was nearly certainly a smaller upgrade on goal. Galaxy Watch is likely to be available from September 14 onwards.

Even though the improvements from last year aren't huge, Technalysis Research analyst Bob O'Donnell said they will come across as major for those who haven't upgraded for a few years.

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Thursday's announcement in NY comes about a month before Apple is expected to unveil new iPhones.

Here are my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, broken down into a series of key scoring categories, ranging from design and build quality, to hardware and features. Purists can turn the feature off to get images that reflect what the eye sees - an option unavailable with Pixel. After watching a decade of phone launches waxing and waning in bombast, the new Note launch felt like it was running on fumes a little bit. This will let people control music or snap selfies just by clicking the stylus.

It makes sense, until you think about the excitement the launch has generated around the globe (as Samsung has spent big to make sure that it's being advertised everywhere, the link to the live stream promoted all over the globe). It has a subwoofer too and 8 far-field microphones for picking up your voice, since Bixby is here as well. It promises quality sound, in a potential challenge to Apple's Siri-based HomePod speaker. Faster 5G internet connectivity is one of the features Samsung is striving to bring to consumers, they said on an earnings conference call last month.

To conclude looks like the Note 9 is a device that will provide you with the same level of performance as other flagship devices, but using it will not result in an extraordinary experience.

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