PGA's servers reportedly hacked in Bitcoin extortion attempt

Jose Verdugo
Agosto 10, 2018

The files contained creative materials for both events, including "extensive promotional banners and logos used in digital and print communications, and on digital signage around the grounds at Bellerive", along with logo designs for future PGA Championships, Lynch reported.

On Tuesday, the officials at PGA realized that their systems have been jeopardized.

"Any attempt to break the encryption could cause the loss of all of the work".

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The hackers have stated their motive, including providing a Bitcoin wallet number for the PGA. Since Bitcoin wallets are not particularly linked to a person or entity, it can not be used to identify suspects. "No decryption software is available in the public".

Officials did not have complete control of the servers as of Wednesday afternoon, Golfweek reports. Also, reports state that the hacking is not believed to have impacted the PGA Championship yet. The PGA has brought in outside IT experts to handle the situation.

The PGA of America has no intention of meeting any extortion demands, an anonymous source told Lynch.

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