At 69, Richard Gere Will Reportedly Become a Dad Again

Esequiel Farfan
Agosto 10, 2018

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter previous year, Gere commented on his removed presence in Tinseltown, theorizing that the Chinese market isn't interested in seeing him on screen, and he's therefore lost roles.

It would be the second child for each, as Richard has an 18-year-old son, Homer, with second wife Carey Lowell, while Alejandra has a 5-year-old son, Alberto, from her first marriage to Govind Friedland, who's the son of mining magnate Robert Friedland, The Sun reports. A month later, the newlyweds celebrated the nuptials with family friends with a wedding party in NY.

The Pretty Woman star tied the knot with Alejandra after four years together at a civil ceremony in Spain in April before celebrating the occasion with friends and family at the actor's home near NY the following month. She told Spain's ABC newspaper, "I think it was already inside of me".

The pair both have children of their own. She is the daughter of the former vice-president of the Real Madrid Football Club.

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Silva is Gere's third wife.

The news originates from Spanish TV host Lydia Lozano, a panelist on the gossip show Sálvame Deluxe, who first reported on July 25 that Alejandra was pregnant and Gere would be a father again within six months.

'I felt like someone was stretching out his hand and showing me the true path'.

That's where things get a little murky because we reached out to Gere's publicist, who said he has "no knowledge at this time" of and "therefore no comment".

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