4 cases of West Nile virus in Minnesota — CDC

Maricruz Casares
Agosto 10, 2018

So far this year, one person in Butte County has been confirmed to have the west nile virus, but the Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District predicts there will be several more cases this year.

All four cases, the CDC says, were confirmed following blood donations.

Cases generally tend to spike during the summer and fall months, between June and September, when activity is the most common. "These factors indicate that the risk for human West Nile virus infections is elevated and will likely remain elevated through the remainder of August".

Symptoms include severe headaches, fever, vomiting and diarrhea, with the agency recommending to seek immediate medical attention.

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This year, West Nile has not yet been found in a Wisconsin resident.

The illness can sometimes be fatal with about one out of 150 infected people dying from complications due to the virus. MDH says there were 30 West Nile cases last year and 83 the year before.

The Health Department said the public can assist in identifying areas with water which could become potential breeding sites for the mosquitos, which lay their eggs in water.

Troy urges its residents to be proactive with preventative measures and avoiding mosquito bites by wearing long sleeves, using insect repellents and preventing babies and younger children from coming in contact with mosquitos.

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