Sky News removed from Melbourne train stations after Blair Cottrell interview

Esequiel Farfan
Agosto 9, 2018

Sky News now plays on train platform screens in other states, including NSW and WA, and following the Victoria's decision people are calling for other transport ministers to follow suit.

In a tweet earlier today, Allan justified the decision by saying "hatred and racism have no place on our screens or in our community", and yeah, no shit.

Speaking to 3AW, Ms Allan said she had had concerns about the broadcaster for some time, and the interview with Mr Cottrell was the final straw.

Pressed by the host, Neil Mitchell, Allan said she had not watched the whole interview with Cottrell because she did not time have time "sit down and pore over every Sky News interview".

Predictably, Sky's cast of on-air nuffies have done their block over the decision, with Andrew Bolt in particular wheeling out the "political censorship" cart, wobbly wheel and all, right on cue.

'I'm a bit anxious about a minister in government making a decision to ban something without having seen it, ' he said.

Ms Allan explained she had seen excerpts of the interview online and that was enough for her to take a stance and be responsible for what is shown on the screens around public transport.

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"I must say. I've been long concerned about the content and quality of what is put on those screens", she said.

I think I've got a responsibility as the public transport minister to ensure that passengers aren't bombarded with what's really shocking content and messages.

Allan said those companies had also decided they didn't want to "be associated" with Sky News.

Queensland's metro service, Translink, has also received requests to follow Victoria's decision.

A member of the public retweeted a story about the Metro Trains decison to remove all Sky News ads quoting, 'Reckon we can do the same in Brisbane @TrainsLinkSEQ?'

They replied with, "I can pass through feedback to the relevant department to have this looked into if you'd like".

It comes as nappy brand Huggies, optical chain Specsavers, and Amex Australia announced their termination with advertising on Sky News.

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