Dubai tourist racks up over $60,000 in speeding tickets

Galtero Lara
Agosto 9, 2018

That's because there have been previous cases in the United Arab Emirates where rental companies have been forced to pay speeding fines and other penalties of the tourists who rented their cars and returned home. He handed in his passport as security when renting the auto, but has yet to return the vehicle to get it back.

The speeding fines amounted to $20,900 while an additional $27,000 will be needed to retrieve the auto if it's impounded by police.

Hashi is said to have triggered every speed camera on the Sheikh Hashid road reaching a top speed of about 143mph.

'I still have his passport so he will not be leaving, ' he added.

All of the speeding offences took place between 2.30am and 6am on July 31 when the road was mostly deserted.

Going over Dubai's 50mph limit is an automatic 3,000 dirham fine, which works out to roughly £600.

The Lamborghini is still parked outside the five star hotel in Jumeriah Beach where he is staying.

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Saeed Ali Rent a vehicle says Hashi left his passport as a guarantee for using the £260,000 supercar.

However brother Adman says the passport was seized after the offences had taken place.

He added: 'He didn't even pay to hire the vehicle.

Iqbal said the Lamborghini's on board computer alerted him to the excessive speed and he sent a text message to Hashi warning him about the cameras.

'He was caught doing 200kmph but he didn't know the laws over there.

Hashi could also face a prison sentence if the court finds in favour of the rental auto agency and he is unable to pay the money owed.

Dealership partner Faris Mohammed Iqbal said: 'We can't pay this amount should the auto be taken into impound, it's still with the tourist, parked at his hotel and I won't be trying to take it back. We shouldn't do so for sure, it's his fault and he should pay that amount'.

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