Dead Snazzy PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Revealed

Ceria Alfonso
Agosto 9, 2018

The PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition comes with a DualShock 4 controller with the same translucent blue shell, a 2TB hard drive, vertical stand, and PlayStation Camera.

While the 500 Million Limited Edition DualShock 4 does come with the system, it can also be purchased as a standalone item for $64.99.

More specifically, Sony has sold 523.3 million PlayStation systems worldwide (and counting), and what better way to celebrate than to try selling even more with a very special limited edition PS4 Pro!

In the 24 years since the original PlayStation released in 1994, PlayStation systems have sold 525.3 million units worldwide. Like the console, these two accessories will be a dark, translucent blue with copper accents.

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Price-wise, the PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition can be obtained for RM 2,149 in Malaysia starting from 24 August onwards.

Each individual console will also be engraved with a unique number. There's only going to be 50,000 of these made and each will have a commemorative copper plate on its front, with its limited edition serial number etched into it. In this age of massive digital games, having 2TB of storage at your disposal is a attractive thing - it's just a shame we don't see this storage option more often. The one you buy might even feature the PS4 USA release date serial number 01115, or 01013 for the PSVR launch date.

Furthermore, the PS4 500 Million Limited Edition DualShock 4 controller and headset will be sold separately for Euro 64 (around Rs. 5,000) and Euro 89 (around Rs.7,100). The console will be on sale from August 24 and will cost $500.

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