Coroner States That Margot Kidder's Death Was An Intentional Overdose

Esequiel Farfan
Agosto 9, 2018

Her daughter Maggie McGuane said on Wednesday that it was a "big relief" to have the truth out.

Coroner Richard Wood confirmed to the Associated Press that Kidder died "as a result of a self-inflicted drug and alcohol overdose". McGuane, an only child, noted that Montana has one of the highest suicide rates, adding, "It's important to be open and honest so there's not a cloud of shame in dealing with this".

Kidder dealt with mental illness for much of her life, while a 1990 auto accident left her in debt and needing a wheelchair for nearly two years. She continued to act in many movies and TV shows, most recently the 2017 film "The Neighborhood".

Kidder is seen with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as she arrives at the premiere showing of the film Louisiana in August 1984 in Montreal. I want what I know about her to be out there because it was glorious. She returned to the world of Superman in the 2000s with periodic guest appearances on Smallville.

Margot Kidder with her late Superman co-star Christopher Reeve
Margot Kidder with her late Superman co-star Christopher Reeve

She spoke openly about how she had wandered around Los Angeles for days during that episode, and she said in 2008 that she did not like the words "mental illness". You can listen to the interview below.

New information is coming to light about Margot Kidder's tragic passing earlier this year.

She went on to receive a Daytime Emmy Award as outstanding performer in a kids' series in 2015 for that role. While living in Montana, she was also an activist for progressive causes and animal rights.

Maggie has worked for an animal shelter and she helped victims of Hurricane Katrina. And it appears that now she's passionate about helping others who have lost loved ones through suicide. "Knowing how many families in this state go through this, I wish that I could reach out to each one of them".

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