AHS issues air quality advisory for entire province

Federico Mansilla
Agosto 9, 2018

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is extending an air quality advisory through this Thursday because of possible smoke impacts in the region from wildfires in Mendocino County and elsewhere around the state.

Monday is considered a "Spare The Air" day in Sacramento, meaning people are asked to drive less. "If you have to go out then keep your windows closed and recirculate the air in the vehicle so you're not really using the outside air that much", said Wasim Naqshbandi, Manager Respiratory Homecare Solutions.

Those exposed to the smoke may experience coughing, throat irritation, headaches, or shortness of breath, and anyone with pre-existing medical conditions (especially cardiovascular or lung disease) are especially at risk.

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Some businesses are also being impacted by the combination of high temperatures and smoky conditions.

Health officials say the air quality in the province is expected to vary over the next few days.

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