Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cases already on sale

Ceria Alfonso
Agosto 8, 2018

Secondly, with sales of the Galaxy S9 released earlier this year slower than Samsung would have liked, the pressure is on the phone maker to convince smartphone shoppers that the Note 9 is a good value, even with a price tag expected to top $900.

Droid Life reports that one of its readers spotted a prematurely leaked BOGO promotion for the Note 9 while perusing the My Verizon app, suggesting that Big Red will announce such a deal once Samsung officially unveils its new phone. The latest Samsung phone will also be powered by a 4,000mAh battery. The display of the Galaxy Note 9 will be 6.4-inch but the footprint of the smartphone will remain the same as the Galaxy Note 8, the Reddit user added. The pictures show a Galaxy Note 9 Value Pack box with many freebies inside.

And fans who were hoping for a price drop from the Note 8, which launched at £869 in the United Kingdom, could be set to be disappointment. This report reiterates what we've heard in the past regarding specs, including that there will be two variants of the Galaxy Note 9: The base model will feature 6GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage, while the other will boast 8GB of RAM and 512GB of built-in storage.

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Quandt also posted on Twitter a link to a WinFuture article which showcased a number of new alleged marketing images for the Note 9. You can also apparently take screen-off notes on the Note 9 while in DeX mode. There are pictures and videos of a similar Galaxy Note 8 Value Pack that Samsung sent only to reviewers past year.

Also, when it comes to Samsung Dex, the Galaxy Note 9 will reportedly be able to enter Dex mode without a dock, just by using a USB Type-C to HDMI cable.

Of course, as with just about everything Note 9 and Galaxy Watch-related this is all just rumors for now, but the phone is landing on August 9 and the Galaxy Watch is probably landing either then or soon after, so we'll know the truth very soon. At the same time, however, it looks like Samsung recognizes that like the Galaxy S9 and S9+, there's no way the Galaxy Note 9 will be a big seller on its own.

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