Does it bother you when other people are loud when lifting weights?

Maricruz Casares
Agosto 8, 2018

As a regular gym goer, I can definitely attest to the fact that people are often loud at the gym, especially when lifting weights.

The video was posted to Youtube by Lalonde's powerlifting coach and received 944,000 within a few days, and the video here now has over 1 million views!

Rubish reportedly has the teen and other clients film their workouts, so he can critique their performance.

The attacker was not very well known to the Buzzfit gym and they had to go through video footage to properly identify him. Rubish admitted that Lalonde already had "a few incidents where the staff was giving him a hard time" in regards to the noise.

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The 19-year-old had reportedly placed foam mats down to lessen his noise when dropping the heavy equipment, but it wasn't enough for at least one enraged customer. A Buzzfit employee was also reportedly suspended after the video was posted. In 2012, a NY barbershop sued the gym next door and claimed their constant weight dropping ruined their business.

A member of a Montreal-area gym, who hit another member because he was making too much noise while powerlifting, has been barred from the facility.

Lalonde has since been given a free membership to his favourite gym, SSP Barbell, and is pressing charges against the former gym member.

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