‘Gilligan’s Island’ puppies rescued from remote island

Esequiel Farfan
Agosto 7, 2018

The boater, JR Cook, returned to the island with food, kennels and a doghouse while volunteers worked out a plan to rescue the dogs, many of whom were visibly gaunt. No one is quite sure how they got there. "The fellas could see some dark figures on the island across the water and thought it might be wolves fighting", she said in a telephone interview.

According to the Facebook page of Debra Vandekerhove, a volunteer at the Norway House Animal Rescue, the pups, which were about four months old, were found by a fisherman late last month.

After the discovery, the men took their boat to the mainland, where they got dog food and spoke with a volunteer at Norway House Animal Rescue.

The pups are thought to be about four months old and were left on the island near Manitoba, Canada. Cook says he has no clue how they got there, but he knew the dogs needed help.

On Sunday night, two men in the community of Cross Lake heard the animals crying.

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After a few days of ferrying food and supplies, the rescuers gained the puppies' trust and made a decision to take them back across the water.

Skipper and Gilligan are among the seven puppies stranded on a remote island - just like the cast of "Gilligan's Island".

The puppies will soon be transferred to Winnipeg and put up for adoption.

The rescue will eventually put the Gilligan's Island puppies up for adoption. Since seven puppies were stranded on the deserted island - much like the seven characters on "Gilligan's Island" - the pups were named after the famous TV castaways.

On Wednesday night the puppies were rescued by boat and are now staying at a home in Cross lake. "It appears they'd been on the island all alone for several weeks", Vandekerkhove said.

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