'I Thought The B**** Was White!'

Esequiel Farfan
Julio 20, 2018

Pentland told TMZ that guests include himself, Barr's boyfriend, former Roseanne crew member Allan Stephan and her former campaign manager Thomas Muhammad.

Pentland is apparently the male voice heard in the background of the video encouraging her to shout that she "didn't know the b--h was white" before she sent the tweet comparing Jarrett to an ape and earning the quick cancellation of ABC's Roseanne revival.

In the video, which Barr posted to her own YouTube page, the 65-year-old is sitting for an interview, appearing agitated at being asked a question about the inconsistencies of her statements on the tweet.

Barr will release episodes of the show directly on her YouTube channel, with the released clip giving a preview of the show's first episode.

Her Roseanne cast mates have since condoned the tweet while ABC have confirmed plans to launch a spin-off starring John Goodman and Sara Gilbert, now going under the working title, The Conners.

"I'm trying to talk about Iran! I'm trying to talk about Valerie Jarrett, the Iran deal!"

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"I know", the interviewer replied.

She then sighs and exclaims, "That's what my tweet was about!" and he says again that she's "explained this literally 300 times".

"I thought the bitch was white!" GODDAMMIT! I thought the bitch was white!

Barr had been fired from her ABC sitcom, the revived "Roseanne", in May after she in a tweet described Jarrett as "Muslim brotherhood & Planet of the apes had a baby". I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. Roseanne promised a TV interview to fans on Twitter earlier this month, but backtracked two days later, saying such interviews are "too stressful and too untrustworthy for me and my fans".

Barr's termination over the Jarrett comment was well deserved, but the network should have made the decision to part ways with her long before it was ever made.

In late June, Barr told Rabbi Shmuley Boteach her tweets "didn't mean what they think I meant."

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