Adidas pledges to ditch ‘virgin’ plastics by 2024

Federico Mansilla
Julio 18, 2018

Adidas' apparel line for the spring and summer of 2019 will contain around 41% recycled polyester, the global sportswear maker announced.

The article notes that recycled polyester is now 10-20% more expensive than new polyester, but adds that the price gap may narrow as the capacity to collect, clean and process used plastics increases.

While still a small share of its global sales, Adidas expects purchases to jump to 5 million pairs this year compared to 1 million in 2017.

Popular sportswear brand Adidas soon completely manufacturing products from recycled plastic.

It also said it would stop using new plastic in its offices, retail outlets and warehouses.

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The company has been working to reduce its use of new plastic over the last few years, and has worked with sustainability group Parley for the Oceans - which up-cycles ocean plastic debris - since April 2015.

"Hilton has committed to removing plastic straws from all of its 650 managed hotels globally, which will save an estimated 35 million straws per year from potentially ending up in the ocean", said a spokesperson for the company.

It is noted that taking into account the production demand for raw materials Adidas to be very large. The material is cheap and versatile, but governments and consumers are increasingly aware of its huge environmental costs. Starbucks, for example, has similar plans for its plastic straws, creating a plastic "sippy cup" for most of its drinks and using biodegradable paper straws elsewhere.

Plastics are polluting the world in an unbelievably bad way, but many businesses are making the move toward reducing their use of the product. The use of plastics has increase 20-fold over the last half of the century, and that number is only expected to get higher. The reuse rate is awful compared to other materials - 58% of paper and up to 90 percent of iron and steel is recycled.

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