Google Phone app for Android updated with spam calls filter

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 17, 2018

Instead of requiring users to dismiss suspected spam calls on their own, the Google Phone app is now able to automatically block them. That also means you'll get warnings if the caller is listed as a potential spam caller as per their database and information.

Google had been testing a new feature that would theoretically prevent spam calls from ruining your day for a few months now.

Google is taking more steps to protect Android users from being bothered by unwanted and potentially harmful calls. You're doing something important like a writing sprint or a hard report for work or school when suddenly your smartphone rings. You will still be able to see filtered calls, and you can still check your voicemails when you want.

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If the caller does leave a voicemail, you also won't get a notification, though you'll have the ability to view missed calls and voicemails that have been "filtered".

Google explained how to activate the Android spam call blocker through a dedicated Google support page. The new feature routes the pesky or spam calls to your voicemail so that you do not have to face unwanted encounters. Just go to the recent calls section, select the call to be reported, and under the menu choose the "Block/report spam" option. Users will then be asked if they want to block the number. But what if it's that phone call from the bank or that delivery service and you need to take it?

The Phone app identifies suspected spam callers by turning your phone's entire screen red when it rings, which is a clear visual indicator that you should not pick up and it is a spam call. Then you'll see the "Filter suspected spam calls" option and you'll have to turn that on as well. Users will be able to block the number and report it as spam.

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