Tip: Add Your Chrome or Firefox Activity to Timeline

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 16, 2018

The feature is now being tested in the beta version, so expect to be able to get an automatic translation when you load a website in a different language than the one configured on your device pretty soon. "Today people work and play across multiple applications, platforms and devices and we want to make this easier and more seamless for our customers, so they can focus on what's important - creating and getting things done", Microsoft had explained a year ago. The feature adds the ability to look back in time at what you were doing and continue where you left off. If you don't use that browser - and let's be honest, that's most people - then Timeline's usefulness is greatly reduced.

Thanks to a third-party browser add-on, you can now add your Chrome and Firefox web browsing to your Timeline in Windows 10.

"Windows Timeline Support is a web extension that integrates Windows Timeline support into popular browsers", developer Domonic Maas writes. "Powered by the Microsoft Graph". "Personal Microsoft Accounts are confirmed to work, work and school accounts should work".

The extension is free, although it is in beta so you might encounter the occasional error with it, but so far it's worked flawlessly for us. Since the extension is open source, you can check its source code for any troubling signs.

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The feature requires apps and programs to add support for Windows Timeline.

"Sync your browsing history to Windows Timeline, push your active tab to another device", Dominic Maas, the add-on's developer tweeted, announcing the release.

Adjust how many seconds you have to be on a page before it's stored in Windows Timeline (by default, 8 seconds).

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