Demolition of twin towers at Cape Canaveral's historic Launch Complex 17

Federico Mansilla
Julio 16, 2018

Delta II rockets launched multiple orbiters and landers to Mars, including the Spirit and Opportunity rovers in 2003.

"The towers were workhorses in their day, supporting 325 launches between 1957 and 2011", General Monteith said.

Launch Complex 17 had been Cape Canaveral's southernmost launch site, offering spectators close-up views from Port Canaveral and Jetty Park just a few miles to the south.

"Fire in the hole!" announced Brig. The complex was the starting point for more than 300 launches. "For many, this launch complex bridged the Space Age from the early days to the era of large boosters". Although the first launches were unsuccessful, later in this place there have been several breakthroughs in space exploration.

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"It gives me a great feeling to remember all of the wonderful missions that I've been able to be a part of", Dunn says.

In 2004 the first probe to orbit Mercury was also launched from the complex.

According to reports, the dismantling of both sites at a cost of $2 million.

For that reason, the launch complex's owners have made a decision to get rid of the towers to make room for something new: a new launch site for startup Moon Express, which was one of the finalists in Google's Lunar XPrize.

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