Ryanair pilots have announced two new days of intended strike action

Galtero Lara
Julio 15, 2018

The airline was forced to cancel 30 flights out of Ireland on Thursday, about 2% of its daily flights.

Ryanair has become more vulnerable to industrial action after a staffing crunch past year forced it to recognize trade unions, though Chief Executive Officer Michael O'Leary has said he's prepared to endure disruption rather than bend to union demands that would threaten the low-priced business model.

"These coordinated strike threats are created to cause unnecessary disruption to customers and damage Ryanair's low-fare model, for the benefit of high-fare competitor airlines in Ireland and Germany", Ryanair said in a statement.

The company has specified that "Customers flying on flights from Ireland to Europe tomorrow will suffer no cancellations, even if the strike goes ahead, thanks to the great work by the majority of our Irish pilots who are not proposing to strike".

Those unions have been holding meetings with Ryanair bigwigs since that announcement.

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IALPA and Ryanair met for talks on Wednesday but that ended without agreement.

In a final effort to avert this strike, we have agreed to meet our pilots and FORSA at a neutral venue kindly provided by Dublin Airport, but we believe this small group of pilots and FORSA are determined to disrupt the travel of Irish customers on 12th July.

"For customers travelling to the United Kingdom, we will also be assisting them with alternative transport on comparable operators (both flights & ferries) where there is some limited space available".

The airline has said it "cannot rule out further disruptions in July and August".

But management have struggled to reach agreement with unions on new terms and conditions and the airline has been hit by industrial action in Germany and Portugal. Cabin crew in Italy will stage a 24-hour strike on July 25, and cabin crew in Belgium, Spain, and Portugal will spend 48 hours on strike July 25 and 25, according to the BBC.

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