France coach Deschamps on verge of greatness

Jose Verdugo
Julio 15, 2018

Although his teammates playfully tease him for being painfully shy, they say having Kante is like playing with an extra man. Getting at France's goal means getting past Kante first and - as Lionel Messi, Kevin de Bruyne and others discovered - that is tough. "France is handsome as it is, that's how we love it, and that's how we'll always love it".

In addition to some fine performances from forwards Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann at Russian Federation 2018, France have been resolute in defence, keeping clean sheets in each of their past two matches against Uruguay and Belgium.

On the Champs Elysees, horns were blaring, tricolor flags waving and a group of fans jumped up and down on a red, white and blue auto, blaring pro-France songs from a speaker.

Perhaps with one eye on the VAR system, players didn't break the rules so much, but they've certainly been bending them.

While admitting that he would like to be preparing for the match, the world's most expensive footballer was happy to see how well both men had done with their national teams.

"We'll approach it differently and hope that we play really well and win it".

France coach Deschamps on verge of greatness
France coach Deschamps on verge of greatness

The Manchester United midfielder received the ball inside the Croatian box, but his initial attempt rebounded to him and calmly curled it with his left foot for France third in the 59th minute. Deschamps took a youthful team, citing "less experience and more ambition" to Russian Federation. Their blend of experienced campaigners like Griezmann and Paul Pogba, and young stars like Kylian Mbappe and Benjamin Pavard, ensures they are the bookmakers´ favourites.

FRENCH captain Hugo Lloris gestures during a press conference on the eve of the final. "That referee has never played football, I bet you he has never played football". Given his ambition and self-confidence, Mbappe may take matters into his own hands against Croatia.

The World Cup final itself is a big achievement for them, an incredible feeling that the entire country will cherish. We have nine players who were there at the Euros and what happened then should make us grow.

Croatia are chasing their first ever World Cup title and France their first since 1998. The final is always a very special moment.

"It will be useful for us on Sunday, even if I don´t like to keep bringing up the past".

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