Nick Diaz Calls Out Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier

Jose Verdugo
Julio 13, 2018

Ryback is unsure whether Lesnar will hold the WWE Universal Title up until this fight with Cormier, which won't take place for another 6 months or more. However, he notes that it would be a great situation for WWE if Lesnar were able to defeat Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Title, making him a Champion in both UFC and WWE at the same time.

The rumors and speculation have all said that Lesnar would put his title on the line at SummerSlam and that it would likely be his last match in WWE. From there, he would head back to UFC and become a fighter in the Octagon once again, but WWE has dragged their heels on confirming his return.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that was a purposeful omission that came from the mind of Vince McMahon. The original plan had a multi-man match at Extreme Rules with the victor becoming the No. 1 contender for the Universal Title, but that was scrapped.

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Whilst in kayfabe terms this decision makes sense, it is odd that WWE, a company who have dined out on Lesnar and Ronda Rousey's UFC history in the past, would neglect to mention an appearance which got the MMA world's attention and presumably will lead to a showdown between Lesnar and Cormier inside the Octagon in the near future.but that's Vince McMahon for you! While he's been gone, Roman Reigns has been on television telling the fans that Lesnar doesn't care about WWE and comes and goes as he wants. It is now believed that was done on goal and to keep the focus on Extreme Rules and its build-up.

Either way, it would seem we're in for a new Universal champion at SummerSlam, though Lesnar has shocked us before when we thought he would lose. This has gotten more fans to hate Lesnar but it remains to be seen if this works to get Reigns cheered.

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