Mourinho: It's fantastic that Croatia reached final

Jose Verdugo
Julio 13, 2018

Kieran Trippier's excellent free-kick in the 5th minute, gave the Three Lions an early.

The 25-year-old has suffered a number of niggling injuries throughout his career and is yet to play 30 league games in a single season so the Spanish publication says Madrid are ready to sell the £53m-rated star and replace him with a more reliable defender.

As such, Mourinho sees this as an opportunity spurned.

"If I was in charge of the FA there would be no doubt that I would keep Gareth Southgate and Steve Holland in their jobs and give them the chance to take the team to the next Euros and the next World Cup".

"England have reason to cry because they were so close to [reaching the World Cup final], but they have also have reason to be optimistic", the Mourinho told RT.

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The Belgian did have a decent start to the World Cup but it all petered out as he could not take the national side to the final in Russian Federation.

The Manchester United boss, meanwhile, heralded the achievement of Croatia, who will face France in Sunday's showpiece.

"I think it's an incredible achievement for the country where the minor league, where the majority not just a majority".

"As I know, when you work overseas, you feel your country in a different way".

"So he was unbelievable by going there and winning that ball in the air".

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