The App Store Turns 10 Today, Apple Shared The Platforms Greatest Accomplishments

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 12, 2018

The app has been officially updated with support for the iPhone X and if you haven't downloaded the app already or updated it, you can do so by heading on over to the iTunes App Store for the download. The original iPhone when it launched in 2007, did not have an App Store. Third-party app stores don't usually apply the same scrutiny to the apps they publish as the Apple App Store or Google Play store will.

More than 500 doctors and medical researchers have used Apple's ResearchKit and CareKit software tools for clinical studies involving 3 million participants on conditions ranging from autism and Parkinson's disease to post-surgical at-home rehabilitation and physical therapy.

David Niemeijer, founder and CEO, AssistiveWare, creators of accessibility apps, said "The App Store has made the world much more accessible, and made it easier for AssistiveWare to realize its vision of creating a world without communication barriers".

Apart from games, the non-game apps are are of the biggest revenue gainers. Though you will not be able to pay for apps or subscriptions on the App Store or the Mac App Store on your Apple device without adding a payment method, you will still be able to have access to all the free apps without adding a card to your Apple ID.

To date, more than 4.5 million apps have been released on the iOS App Store with 77 per cent of all apps on its platform being games. The difference is even larger in markets dominated by low-end Android smartphones that are incapable of running more demanding apps like "Super Mario Run".

Apple also says that the downloads of fitness and health related apps have increased by more than 75% since the launch of Apple Watch. Moreover, for developers, the company has created a lot of careers.

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From organising and hosting an annual developers conference each year to introducing programs such as "Everyone Can Code", Apple has looked after its developers and has encouraged more people than ever to take up coding. This number has since grown to 350 in 2018 and now includes STEM organisation members from 42 different countries.

In 2016, China again overtook the United States in becoming the largest market in terms of iOS app consumer spend.

Apple has shared App Store highlights in 11 sections-let's recap what they have detailed below. It now encourages a user to dig deep and discover more apps thanks to curated lists, category-wise filters and more.

What's next for the App Store?

Developers sometimes view security as yet another obstacle to surmount in the face of the ceaseless demand for more features more quickly.

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