Researcher: iPhone Crashes Caused by Code Apple Added to Appease Chinese Govt.

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 12, 2018

Wardle said the bug had been affecting users for over 2 years, well before iOS 11 was released.

The technology giant confirmed the fix in a security update Monday, after the release of iOS 11.4.1, crediting security researcher Patrick Wardle for the discovery. In fact, the full list of security fixes included in the update can be found on the company's website but, of particular interest is the second entry regarding how emoji were handled under certain circumstances. It will also improve reliability of syncing mail, contacts, and notes with Exchange accounts, according to the details mentioned.

Here's how USB Restricted Mode works. Wardle also privately reported the bug to Apple. For US users plagued by the bug, they could at least temporarily stop the crashes by setting the phone's region to China and then immediately changing it back.

With iOS 11.4.1, Apple's operating system will block techniques, which allowed these tools to bypass the company's default disk encryption. Apple described it as a new "security protection" meant to bulk up existing iOS security features that prevent constant passcode guesses.

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Apple's attempt to prevent hackers (and law enforcement) from cracking your iPhone may have a glaring flaw. "Though Apple loves to exude an aura of "users first", the reality is they are first and foremost a corporation".

After two+ years of being unable to type "Taiwan" or being remotely DOS'd anytime her phone received a Taiwanese flag emoji, the fix (kudos to my friend Josh S. for the idea!), was simply to toggle the region from United States to China, then back to US. This can be done by plugging any USB accessory into the iPhone's Lightning port.

China is the most populated country and the largest smartphone market in the world, and Apple would put an extra effort to please the large target audience. For enterprise devices, administrators can control the USB Accessories setting on supervised iOS devices using Apple Configurator or mobile device management. It operates like this: if an iPhone or iPad is not unlocked after one hour, data access through the Lightning port will shut down. Apple had said this will improve privacy of their users.

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