Leaving Google’s nest: Loon and Wing graduate from Alphabet’s X idea factory

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 12, 2018

Wing, meanwhile, is developing a drone delivery system to improve the efficiency of transporting goods by lowering the environmental impact and cost while boosting speed.

Both Loon and Wing will "graduate" from Alphabet's secretive research subsidiary dubbed "X". The skunkworks laboratory is known for nurturing experimental projects that work toward solving big problems, all with the aim of launching those projects as full-fledged independent businesses.

The lab has already produced several independent companies that exist under the Alphabet corporate umbrella including Waymo, Chronicle, and Verily.

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Teller said Alastair Westgarth has been named Loon's CEO, while James Ryan Burgess is the CEO of Wing in partnership with Adam Woodworth, Wing's chief technology officer.

As with others in the "Other Bets" category, the two projects will continue the missions they started at X. Loon, which uses high-altitude balloons to blanket regions with wireless coverage, will continue to work with carriers worldwide to provide Internet access to under-connected and unconnected people.

Wing aims to create the next generation of delivery drones that can travel nearly anywhere. X has launched key Google functions like Google Brain, the tech giant's deep learning research, though it is also responsible for releasing Project Tango, which has folded since its 2014 launch.

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