Do you approve of Trump's Supreme Court pick?

Federico Mansilla
Julio 12, 2018

Ever since, circumstances have meant that presidents have been able to fill just two openings each.

That insider status can help Kavanaugh win over the Washington elite and secure enough Senate votes to avoid an embarrassing loss for Trump.

But Kavanaugh is, I believe, a careful and judicious guy and probably has been all along.

Writing for the Washington Post "Fact-Checker," Salvador Rizzo agrees: "Kavanaugh's position in this article is different from saying the president can't be indicted under existing law".

While Kavanaugh wrote that legal action against a president should be deferred, he also noted there is no current law that requires that.

"For me it's a threshold qualifying question", said Sen.

Many of Heitkamp's colleagues-as well as her Republican opponent for Senate this November, U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D.,-shared their thoughts nearly immediately after the announcement.

Robert Mueller reportedly is among those who believes a president can not be indicted when in office. George H.W. Bush put David Souter and Clarence Thomas on the court in his one term in office. He was more empathetic to how a prosecution could interfere with presidential duties.

While Collins has praised Kavanaugh's "impressive credentials", which include a dozen years as a federal judge, she said she would vote against any nominee who is "hostile" to Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that cemented the legality of abortions nationwide.

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Abortion became legal in 1973 in a famous case known as Roe versus Wade.

Kavanaugh never directly argued in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

In the context of the military commissions, Kavanaugh's skepticism of worldwide law has left him as the central defender of the government's controversial claim that the commissions may constitutionally try offenses that are not global war crimes. Trump has found his man in Brett Kavanaugh.

Not to be outdone, Maryland's junior U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen says Kavanaugh on the court represents a vote for "king-like powers for the president of the United States".

The late-night personality admittedly didn't know much about Kavanaugh, but he suspected Trump might have mistaken him for Celebrity Apprentice winner/Rock of Love star/Poison band member Bret Michaels, since Kavanaugh's middle name is Michael.

What were the Democrats thinking?

"Perhaps you, as an institution and as individuals, will benefit less from Judge Kavanaugh's ascendent power if you withhold your support", the authors wrote.

Senator Richard Blumenthal went a step further "Judge Kavanaugh, you don't belong in this building as a justice", he said. But the Democratic fight for congressional control could take a hit in the Senate, where party incumbents are fighting for their political futures in deep-red states where control of the court could be an important factor for voters. They are entering the public discourse just as Robert Mueller, the special counsel, has suggested he may subpoena the president as part of his inquiry into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to influence the 2016 election, and whether Trump obstructed justice. They didn't care as much about picking Supreme Court justices as Republicans and Trump did. "People are going to start focusing on this with two weeks to go", said former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. The organization, which supports abortion rights, is also planning a national day of protests for the end of next month.

The Democrats are going to make a lot of noise about blocking Kavanaugh, to appease party progressives ahead of midterms, knowing full well they won't stop Kavanaugh's confirmation.

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