Captured: 1,300-pound crocodile that evaded rangers in Australia for years

Evarado Alatorre
Julio 12, 2018

Ranger John Burke said authorities had been hunting the large crocodile in the area for a decade.

The massive reptile measured 16.4ft and weight up to 1,322lbs when it was removed from the Katherine River in the remote Northern Territory in order to stop it from reaching a populated area.

"It's a bit of a thrill, but you've also got to admire the size of the animal and how old it is", Burke said.

NT Parks and Wildlife rangers caught the 4.7-metre saltwater crocodile on Monday at a private property at Taylor's Park, 60km downstream from Katherine.

So far this year, 187 of them have been captured in the Top End - the northernmost part of the Northern Territory, according to the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife website, which advises visitors to be "crocwise".

"Although this is the biggest we've caught in the Katherine River, there are bigger ones out there that come up from the Daly River", he added.

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The ancient beast was taken to a crocodile farm - essentially a preserve that tourists can visit - in Katherine, Northern Territory wildlife operations chief Tracey Duldig said. This year, 190 have been captured.

According to the government, the largest saltwater crocodile caught in a net in the region was pulled from Mary River in 1974.

The 4.7m beast was found in a trap downstream from the northern outback town of Katherine after first being spotted in 2010.

Generally, crocodiles live an average of 70-years, though a rare few exceed 100.

Saltwater crocodiles have seen a population boom since becoming a protected species by federal law in 1971, Northern Territory-based crocodile expert Grahame Webb said.

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