UM student bitten after swimming with sharks in the Bahamas

Federico Mansilla
Julio 11, 2018

During her holiday in the Bahamas, the blonde beauty came upon a spot where nurse sharks were swimming - and she chose to get a photo with them.

It seems like every time you pose for a photo for your Instagram, you're always getting attacked by sharks, right?

After a family lunch in an area known as Staniel Cay, Katarina spotted people snorkelling and interacting with a pack of nurse sharks nearby. "I was leaning back for probably no more than 10 seconds, and this shark just grabbed my wrist". Zarutskie was able to break free and swim to the shore. The group passed an area in the ocean where several nurse sharks were swarming, and since it was promoted that swimming with these creatures was a safe and normal activity in the area, Katarina made a decision to hop in and get some photos (Note: a warning sign by the pool of sharks clearly stated that the animals "can and do bite" on occasion). "Next thing I knew I was underwater and I felt this". "I've seen countless photos of people with them on Instagram". She said she later learned that the risk of infection meant she could have lost her arm or her life.

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One user wrote: "I think you handled the situation like a boss!"

The bite will leave a nasty scar, but the model says she feels blessed that the situation was not far worse. She's been accused of being a dumb blonde who is obsessed with social media. She added the locals were "very encouraging" in telling her to try the activity. She did, but within moments, a shark bit her arm. "They took the information they wanted and really spun the story in a way that I'm a stupid blond Instagram model". She said doctors told her she still has pieces of shark teeth in her arm. She got out of the water with just the wrist injury.

Nurse sharks are slow-moving bottom-dwellers that are mostly harmless to humans, according to National Geographic.

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