‘Scapegoat’ Ozil should quit German team: father

Jose Verdugo
Julio 11, 2018

Ozil's father Mustafa has reiterated that had he been in his son's shoes, he would have quit the Germany national team.

Ozil, 29, is one of a group of senior players slammed for woeful performances in Russian Federation as Germany finished bottom of their group to suffer a shock early exit.

In addition, last Thursday, the general manager of the German national team, Oliver Bierhoff, declared that the Mannschaft should have dispensed with Ozil for his attitude in the "Erdogan case", although he later pointed out that he had "explained" himself "badly".

"He has to make a decision, but in his place I would have a career in Germany!" - quoted father Ozil Yahoo with a link to German online Bild.

"I thought: 'This isn't such a good idea.' But I didn't think: 'Uh oh, everything is collapsing now, '" he said.

Özil scored in Germany's pre-tournament friendly against Austria but was booed by fans in the 2-1 defeat, along with Ilkay Gundogan.

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Yet this meeting drew a lot of criticism from German fans because they believed it was a sign he is not truly loyal to his country - not to mention that President Erdoğan has been labelled a dictator for his controversial policies in Turkey.

Bierhoff, who is effectively the number two in the Germany setup, anticipates "profound changes" after the dismal campaign in Russian Federation for which he said the entire squad should take "collective responsibility".

'He's booed and put up as a scapegoat - I completely understand that he is offended'.

Mesut had agreed to have a photograph taken with Erdogan only out of "politeness" and it was never meant to be a political statement, he added.

"We have to wait for the athletic analysis and see if Joachim Low continues to plan with him", he said.

Calling his son's treatment "unfair", Ozil senior said "he needs to decide for himself". And who knows what'll happen at the next match. "But that's just my very personal opinion", he said. "But if I were in his place, I'd say - thanks a lot but that's it!"

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