Objects disappearing from Fortnite have started showing up in the real world

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 10, 2018

How this fictional landmark came to be in the real world may have something to do with a new event for "Fortnite" called "Blast Off!"

If you didn't know, the latest incident in the game was a rocket launch that went wrong and opened up a giant Doctor Who style crack in time and space.

Smaller cracks then began to appear all across the game world, causing things like the Durr Burger model from the Greasy Grove restaurant to disappear... and then end up in the real world. Or is this just one of the most random coincidences ever and just happened to arrive at the ideal timing when its in-game counterpart disappears?

As it turned out, the full scene also included an '80s-model police auto and several signs giving small hints as to the cause of the burger's sudden trip through time and space. "Beware of possible effects".

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But on top of that there were actors hanging around nearby, pretending to be Men in Black style secret agents from the game and handing out cards. These feature a working phone number that you can ring up, resulting in the sound of something being sucked into the rift.

Amusingly these objects were discovered by a photographer who didn't have a Scooby's what Fortnite actually was, though after posting them on Twitter was quickly given the lowdown.

Plus, Wild West heroes have been confirmed by Epic themselves as being added to Save the World mode. Only time will tell when Season 5 officially kicks off on July 12th!

But in the meantime do be on the look out for other in-game items that have disappeared from the game.

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