Hospital buildings evacuated after possible release of tuberculosis

Maricruz Casares
Julio 8, 2018

Two cancer research buildings at the Johns Hopkins Hospital complex in downtown Baltimore were evacuated Thursday afternoon after "small amount of tuberculosis" might have been accidentally released, a hospital spokesperson said.

Two buildings at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, were evacuated on Thursday as people may have been exposed to tuberculosis, according to several media reports.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Baltimore firefighters have evacuated two medical research buildings due to possible tuberculosis contamination.

Dajuan Robinson, a histotechnician who works at a Hopkins building across the street from the cancer research center, told the Sun he received a text alert about the situation.

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Tuberculosis is the world's leading infectious killer.

"Although we believe that this was a one-time event with no risk to anyone on campus, we take this event seriously and will conduct a thorough review of existing procedures, retrain staff and make any other needed improvements", Willis said.

Baltimore City health officials have arrived at the location. In the United States, however, it's steadily become a rarity. TB primarily affects the lungs and can become airborne. Patients also experience pain in the chest and even may see blood in the cough. More often, it instead lies dormant in the body, incapable of causing disease or being spreadable. Although people having latent tuberculosis do not develop the symptoms, yet the germ could appear at a later part of life, generally when the immune system of the person is weakened. Because of its knack for picking on the immunocompromised, TB is much more unsafe and occasionally fatal for people who also have HIV. Two percent are extensively drug-resistant, meaning they can resist almost every available antibiotic in modern use.

Luckily, it seems, that's a scenario we won't have to worry about here.

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