Arc System Works Has a Kill La Kill Game Coming Next Year

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 7, 2018

Revealed via a trailer at Anime Expo 2018, it's now known that Arc System Works is working on a game based on the anime Kill La Kill, a series where sentient clothing drinks your blood and gives you super powers, while you fight using half of a giant pair of scissors like it was a sword.

More gameplay is likely to surface next month, as the game is going to see its playable debut at EVO 2018, which will be hosted in Las Vegas between August 3rd and August 5th. Called Kill la Kill The Game: IF, it's a 3D fighter filled with the acclaimed anime series' trademark flashiness and over-the-top action. However, because it's being developed by Arc System Works (Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Xrd), the studio's brand of design - particularly cel-shading - is prevalent throughout, giving it that distinctly anime-like feel that Arc System games are known for.

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The game, according to the trailer, promises to tell "the untold story of Kill la Kill".

The screenshots focus on the protagonist Ryuko Matoi and student council president Satsuki Kiryuin.

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