National Take Your Dog to Work Day

Galtero Lara
Junio 24, 2018

Today, Friday June 22, is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Gerry Gormley and Millie on the train to Drumcondra for Dog Friendly Ireland Day with Dogs Trust on Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

If you have been seeing wagging tails and hearing barks in your office today, you are not imagining things but the dog days are over. "You really wouldn't have had the idea to work together, but because you struck up a conversation about the dog, you discover an opportunity that produces some synergy that wouldn't have otherwise existed". It may not be as well-known, but it allows a bit more variety in the furry friends that you are allowed to bring to your office.

Well, take your dog to work!

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As well as boosting morale, dogs in the workplace can also encourage communication.

If you already have an adorable pup or even more than one, bringing them to the workplace is an excellent (and obvious) way to celebrate this holiday.

"Playing with or petting an animal is shown to increase a person's levels of the stress reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone, cortisol".

"Ensure your office space is pet friendly with a separate space close to you for your dog, make sure there is nowhere they can fall down or escape, and check with your colleagues that they are willing to have a dog in the space", Amanda said. But there are considerations before creating an open-door dog policy.

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