Trump assails Canadian tariffs, accuses people of smuggling United States goods home

Galtero Lara
Junio 20, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump has unleashed another attack against Canada, accusing this country of so unfairly charging duties on U.S. goods that Canadians are driven to smuggle consumer items across the border between the two countries.

Trump claimed that in order to avoid paying U.S. tariffs on goods, such as shoes, we are literally just wearing them across the border and passing them off as old. "They fought World War I with us and we appreciate it but we're protecting each other".

Trump then pivoted to accusing Canadians of buying products in the US only to sneak them back because of "massive" tariffs, citing a story he apparently read in a "major newspaper".

Freeland, who was testifying before House of Commons trade committee, wouldn't tip the government's hand, but she committed to hitting back hard with retaliation similar to Canada's $16.6 billion response to the new USA metal tariffs.

"They buy shoes and they wear them. They make them sound old or look old", the president said.

Starting on June 1, the Americans imposed import taxes of 25 per cent on Canadian steel and 10 per cent on Canadian aluminum, using a national security provision of USA trade law that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ms. Freeland called ridiculous and insulting treatment of a close military ally. They scuff them up.

For instance, a Chinese-made TV bought in the U.S. and brought across the Canadian border would be assessed a tariff as if it came from China rather than the US.

"We're treated horribly. Dairy".

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One of Trump's major concerns was Canadians, who he claims are traveling to the U.S. to avoid tariffs while shopping. But a US-made pair of shoes would get the NAFTA rate.

'We can no longer be the stupid country.

Freeland said Canada was working on a response that was "firm, clear and resolute" like its response to the steel and aluminum tariffs. "We want to be the smart country".

Trump reminded them of his campaign promise to renegotiate NAFTA or terminate it, noting that he was willing to negotiate trade deals with Canada and Mexico separately.

He particularly railed against Trudeau after the Canadian leader's press conference following the G7 summit.

'He'll learn that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of Canada.

"Dairy", Trump said. "Dairy, 275 per cent tariff".

Almost 4.9 million Canadians traveled temporarily to the United States between January and March 2018, according to Canadian figures.

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