Apple May Have Cancelled Plans For A Smaller iPhone

Ceria Alfonso
Junio 20, 2018

Apple broke iPhone tradition in 2017 when it released the gorgeous iPhone X model complete with a stunning new OLED panel. Instead the company is, according to a report in Forbes based on Olixar information, will launch three variants of the iPhone X. These will be the iPhone X, which will use a 5.8-inch screen similar to the one that is in the existing iPhone X. Then there will be the iPhone X with 6.1-inch screen.

A video showing the 3D mockups of the 2018 iPhone models has appeared online, and in the video, the three models are even compared to different previous generation iPhones. However, it certainly seems that Apple is expecting its biggest phone ever to be the most popular at the 2018 iPhone launch in the fall.

The report also cites that the LCD iPhone's production has been delayed since the panel suppliers are facing issues with its yield.

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The Bell report says Apple has ordered more screen panels for the X Plus than any other model. The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is expected to drive sales for Apple, while the other two variants would help keep the ASP. However, this model is supposed to the iPhone X for masses and will be relatively more affordable.

The source also highlights that the 6.4-inch iPhone X Plus will likely feature the same camera technology as the current iPhone X, with the TrueDepth sensor measuring in at the same dimensions. Notably, the SIM Card tray is positioned lower down the side.

It's no secret that Apple is expected to introduce three new iPhone models later this year. The 6-inch iPhone is seen as a way to attract more price-conscious customers to upgrade to a modern model, with slim bezels, Face ID and an A12 chip.

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