ER Doctor Mocks Patient With Anxiety Attacks In Viral Video, Gets Suspended

Maricruz Casares
Junio 19, 2018

The 6-foot-9 basketball player had run out of medication to treat his anxiety, his father Donald Bardwell told the news outlet.

Bardwell's father recorded the video after his son urged him to do so as Keegstra allegedly started pulling and tugging on the patient forcefully. After Bardwell says he's unable to inhale, Keegstra laughs and says: 'He can't inhale? Wow.

Bardwell took his son to the hospital where they encountered Keegstra, who was tasked with treating the young man.

She then asked Bardwell mockingly, "Are you dead, sir?".

The video posted on Facebook by his father Donald clocked up 4.3 million views, and shows the physician arguing with the pair, urging that the patient is well enough to get up and that he was "the least sick of all the people that are here".

Keegstra hadn't responded to CBS News' request for comment as of Monday morning. He said the doctor "has been removed from the work schedule, pending further investigation", and the hospital has "expressed our honest apologies and are working directly with the patient on this matter".

When Bardwell tried to explain why he didn't have his Klonopin, Keegstra told him he was fine.

But Bardwell told ABC News that he collapsed during basketball practice.

Samuel Bardwell (pictured) a victim of racism or just of a foul attitude jaded medic?Dr Beth Keegstra just jaded or racist? I said, 'Please, dad, can you please take out your phone? "Yeah that's how pissed off you made me", Dr. Keegstra counters amid gasps from the father and son. "That what you need?" Now don't try to tell me you can't move.

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"This is ridiculous", Keegstra interrupted and cursed at the patient.

It ends with her accusing Samuel Bardwell of changing his story and using an expletive at him. "So, put an IV in him, give him a liter of fluid and we'll get him out of here".

As the tension in the ER escalated, Keegstra accused Bardwell of changing his story about why he was seeking treatment. "He's obviously a doctor and he knows what he needs", she said, leaving the room.

In an updated statement, the hospital confirmed its " ... contracted provider for emergency services, Vituity/California Emergency Physicians, has been notified to permanently remove this physician from the list of approved physicians assigned to provide emergency care at our hospitals".

The doctor also states on her page that she has worked for the Mayo Clinic since 2013.

Dr. Keegstra was under contract at the hospital, employed through a company called Vituity. Public corrective action was taken against Keegstra, ordering her to complete a professional boundaries course, among other things.

"He can't inhale!" Keegstra said. Bardwell said he told her doctor parts of his body were numb, he was in pain, having trouble breathing.

"I guess she was so angry and assumed he was a druggie and had drugs in his system, she thought she could talk to us any which way we wanted", Bardwell told the San Francisco Gate.

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