Could Shane Be Returning For The Walking Dead Season 9?

Esequiel Farfan
Junio 19, 2018

But "The Walking Dead" was at its best when Bernthal was around and Shane was still alive.

The show follows Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes as he awakens in a hospital to discover a zombie apocalypse has hit.

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Jon Bernthal, who starred as Shane in the AMC show's first two seasons, is going to appear in an episode of the show's next season, Variety has confirmed with sources. But with these fan favorites on their way out, could a character we haven't seen for a long while be coming back to soften the blow? If you think it isn't clear enough to make out The Punisher star, the user confirms it by name-checking his character in her caption, which reads: "Right after I took the food photo they walked in!" The two were at odds, though, after Shane had an affair with Rick's now-dead wife, Lori. Shane also appeared in Season 3 as a ghostly apparition haunting Rick. In addition, Bernthal's return could be part of Andrew Lincoln's final episode with the series set to arrive next season. Since Shane was last seen as a zombie being put down by Carl Grimes after Rick killed his friend before Shane could go through with his plan to kill Rick, the appearance of Bernthal in the ninth season will either be a flashback or possibly a hallucination.

There's no word yet on date, but it's been Friday for years, and is likely to be Friday again, with back-to-back panels for both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.

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