Woman Gets $45M Over Youths' Shopping Cart Attack

Galtero Lara
Junio 18, 2018

An Upper West Side real estate broker was awarded $45.2 million by a jury on Friday, seven years after she was almost killed by a falling shopping cart tossed from an overpass by a group of teens. A jury this week awarded 53-year-old Marion Hedges the money seven years after the incident at the East River Plaza Mall left her with severe brain injuries, reports the New York Times.

The verdict culminates a lengthy legal battle, which began when Hedges was almost killed by a shopping cart while buying candy for needy children at the East River Plaza mall in Harlem. Hedges had been returning to her vehicle in a parking kiosk after shopping for Halloween candy when two boys, ages 12 and 13, dumped a shopping cart from a walkway more than 70 feet above her. The cart struck her in the head. Jurors deemed the mall 65% responsible and a security company the remaining 25%.

Hedges said she'll donate some of the money to a youth center so kids have better things to do than throw shopping carts when bored.

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The judge was wowed by the Manhattan mom's attitude throughout the case.

"I think you have shown us all how to live in the face of adversity", Justice Carmen St. George had said at the end of the trial. Specifically, the jury awarded Hedges $40.7 million, her husband $2.5 million, and her son (who was shopping with her that day) $2 million.

"This was a terrible, disgusting incident that happened to Mrs. Hedges and her family", said Walker, 43. They plan to appeal.

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