Ted Cruz Defeats Jimmy Kimmel in Charity Basketball Game

Esequiel Farfan
Junio 18, 2018

Ted Cruz emerging victorious, winning over TV host Jimmy Kimmel 11 to 9.

The former Republican presidential candidate and the late night talk show host will face off at Texas Southern University for a game of one-on-one, in what has been dubbed 'The Blobfish Classic.' The game's name was inspired by an insult Kimmel had levied at Cruz, which sparked the idea for the game.

The event stemmed from a back-and-forth between the two that included Kimmel mocking Cruz while he attended a Houston Rockets NBA playoff game.

The game will be aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday.

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Ted Cruz practicing hoops in a promotional video.

The game was originally set to 15 points but was cut short because it ran long. The two charities are both focused on children.

Generation One's mission is to be a catalyst for systemic change in the education system, by creating an equitable educational landscape across the city. On a nightly show that followed, Kimmel agreed to play. The senator played basketball in high school and has started a weekly game with some of his colleagues, according to Politico Magazine, which reported that he allegedly had "a surprisingly good jump-shooter with miserable form".

Allen became involved because many believe he resembles Cruz. I'm not a basketball player and yet I know deep in my heart I know that I must be able to beat Ted Cruz, ' Kimmel said to ABC. "If there's anyone you want to have a beef with, it's Ted Cruz. That's right. This is a man whose motto is: If you can't beat 'em, throw away your dignity and grovel before them like a hungry dog".

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