Boy in America contracts bubonic plague

Maricruz Casares
Junio 16, 2018

On 12 June, a public health advisory was issued after a child was diagnosed with plague.

The Idaho child is recovering after receiving treatment, according to the health department.

The Central District Health Department, which announced the news of the bubonic plague's return, said it was unclear whether the boy had contracted the disease in Idaho or on a recent trip to Oregon. Scientists have determined the bacteria Yersinia pestis, which is usually found in small mammals and their fleas, and transmitted through bites or inhaling of infected respiratory droplets, which is a very gross phrase.

A child in Elmore County, Idaho is recovering from plague in the first human case of the bacterial disease in Idaho since 1992.

This plague case, like others that appear rarely but with some regularity, is the same disease that was responsible for the medieval "Black Death".

According to the CDHD, plague among humans is rare but can be found in local ground squirrels and other rodents naturally.

Bubonic plague is the most common form and known for causing swollen lymph nodes or "buboes", according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Person-to-person transmission is extremely rare, and wasn't a factor in this case, officials said.

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In a press release, the Health Department said that "Plague has historically been found in wildlife in both states", and that "since 1990, eight human cases were confirmed in OR and two were confirmed in Idaho".

"Wear insect repellant, long trousers and socks when visiting plague affected areas", says Correll.

Store hay, wood and compost piles as far as possible away from your home. It can be spread by contact with an infected animal or through fleas.

Do not feed rodents in picnic or campground areas. On the other hand, in OR, eight such cases were recorded in the last 30 years.

Sick pets should be examined promptly by a veterinarian, especially if they may have had contact with sick or dead rodents in the desert areas south and east of Boise.

All pet food and water should be kept somewhere where wild animals or rodents can't have access. In most cases, there's also a painful swelling of the lymph nodes in the groin, armpit and neck.

- Keep fleas off your pets by applying flea-control products. In some cases, rapidly developing signs of pneumonia (shortness of breath, chest pain, cough) can occur.

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