United Kingdom considers relaxing visa rule for Nigerian doctors, nurses

Maricruz Casares
Junio 15, 2018

"Lifting the visa cap for foreign doctors and nurses is absolutely the right decision and a huge relief". According to the Telegraph, Javid has warned Prime Minister Theresa May in a letter that increased recruitment of doctors from outside the European Union has led to a shortage of skilled migrants in other sectors and to the cap being breached in every month since December.

The move is expected to be announced by Home Secretary Sajid Javid on Friday as part of a drive to let in more highly-skilled migrants in the run up to Brexit.

Javid is expected to announce on Friday that for a limited time, doctors and nurses from outside the European Union won't count toward the "tier 2" visa cap of 20,700 people a year.

The Royal College of General Practitioners said it would be a "much-needed victory for common sense and patient care".

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It's the first easing of immigration rules by a Conservative government with a longstanding - and unmet - goal of cutting net immigration to below 100,000.

Critics say the target is arbitrary, unrealistic and economically harmful.

People from all 28 European Union countries can now live in Britain under the bloc's free-movement rules.

Britain's 2016 vote to leave the bloc was followed by an increase in the number of European Union medical staff leaving Britain, adding to pressures on the country's overstretched state-funded health care service.

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