Ford says government's first act will be to scrap cap-and

Federico Mansilla
Junio 15, 2018

Ontario PC leader and Premier-designate Doug Ford announced that his first agenda item will be to scrap the current cap-and-trade scheme, which would bring him nearly halfway to keeping his promise to reduce gasoline prices by 10 cents per litre. "Today, I want to confirm that as a first step to lowering taxes in Ontario, the carbon tax's days are numbered".

"Nothing drives people more insane than on the weekend mysteriously all these prices of gas go up", the premier-designate said two weeks before he will be sworn in to replace Kathleen Wynne.

Earlier in his news conference, the former city councillor said the "very first item" of business for his Progressive Conservative government will be to axe the 4.3 cent per litre carbon tax on gasoline.

Ford said the government will provide clear rules for an "orderly wind down" of cap and trade, but did not specify when the legislature will be recalled to implement the bill needed to dismantle the system put in place by the outgoing Liberals.

"The gas companies, I'm putting you on notice".

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His pledge to end the cap-and-trade program, created to cap and lower carbon emissions over time, drew an immediate rebuke from Greenpeace.

Ford said the election platform includes $500 million for environmental issues and promised more details in the future about what his government will do to fight climate change. If they exceed those limits they must buy allowances at quarterly auctions or from other companies that come in under their limits.

However, Ford said cap-and-trade "does nothing for the environment".

Ontario has made close to $3 billion in a series of cap-and-trade auctions since the system was introduced by the Liberals previous year.

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