Trudeau 's Remarks to Cost Canada 'a Lot of Money'

Evarado Alatorre
Junio 14, 2018

Navarro's original statement, on "Fox News Sunday", followed a pair of tweets in which Trump raged about comments Trudeau made at a news conference after a summit of the Group of Seven industrialized nations.

President Donald Trump has used the executive authority to impose potentially crippling steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico, the European Union and Japan.

"I had a good relationship with Justin Trudeau, I really did".

Goodale said Canada has put forth "constructive ideas" on how to "improve trade flows" between both countries.

According to the U.S trade representative, exports to Canada are a major factor in the Vermont economy.

"Milk prices in the (United) States are below the cost of production".

Trump aide Peter Navarro.

"At minimum it's extremely disruptive and destabilizing", Welch said.

Navarro, a supporter of tariffs to help reduce the USA trade deficit and a longtime critic of China, turned his anger at Canada over the weekend as a Group of Seven meeting hosted by Trudeau ended in disarray and trade threats.

"There's been a lot of emotional action on all sides". Welch was skeptical, saying the president is abusing his authority.

"Everyone agreed, including President Trump". Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker, who is retiring at the end of his current term, has been a vocal advocate for clamping down on the president's power.

Mathieu Frigon, chief executive of the Dairy Processors Association of Canada, whose members include Saputo Inc. and Parmalat Canada Inc., said he was surprised by the USA complaints. Canadians are "polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around", Trudeau said.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., laid the responsibility for the feud on Trump.

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The World Trade Organization says Canadian dairy tariffs average almost 249 percent, compared with the United States' 17 percent. "The comment was a bit over the top", Corker, a Republican, said.

However, Leahy pointed out that Republican leadership has come out against Corker's effort.

A spokesperson for Sen.

Canada and the US appear to be at an impasse over Trump's insistence on a five-year sunset clause, something Trudeau himself said this past weekend was a non-starter.

As the G7 summit ended in disarray last week, so did the long-standing alliance between the American and Canadian administration, following a debate over tariffs, counter-tariffs and some name-calling. That slight change in tone could herald, as Canadian officials hope, that the tiff will have no lasting impact on relations between the two countries, particularly on the crucial NAFTA file.

"Justin probably didn't know that Air Force One has about 20 televisions, and I see the television", Trump said.

He said he did not blame the G7 leaders for the "unfair" trade deals.

Carr said it is hard to say whether the conflict has reached full trade war proportions.

For Trudeau, "there are fewer things he can get in exchange, there isn't money to splash around to get farmers who have a quota to give it up and this is an important issue in Quebec, which provides many seats for the Trudeau government".

On Saturday morning, Canadian officials had also expressed a modest new feeling of optimism about talks on the North American free-trade agreement, and that that might be a way of getting an exemption to new USA tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Despite Canadian barriers, in fact, the United States previous year ran a $474 million trade surplus in dairy with Canada: It exported $636 million in dairy products to Canada and imported $162 million, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Navarro's remarks strained the already tense negotiations between the United States and Canada. "It was very friendly", Mr Trump said.

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