It sure looks like Google is trying to make Pixelbooks run Windows

Ceria Alfonso
Junio 14, 2018

It was touted by Google as a high-performance, two-in-one Chromebook, and looked very much like a premium Google device created to square off against Microsoft's Surface range.

Last year Google unveiled the Pixelbook which is basically a Chromebook that has the ability to fold back onto itself where users can choose to use it as a tablet or a regular laptop.

Before we get too carried away here, remember that whatever is happening behind the scenes could be derailed before Windows 10 support actually makes it to production hardware. XDA Developers notes that the Chrome OS developers have been working on booting into Windows 10 previously, but these new mentions of certification shows that it's less a side-project hack and more official. However the starting price of £999, rising to £1,699 with bumped up specs, dampened many a HEXUS reader's desire to own this exclusively Chrome OS laptop.

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What if we told you that the Google Pixelbook, which now runs Chrome OS, might also run Windows 10 down the road? I would say so, and according to a recent report on the XDA Developers site, there is evidence to suggest such a feature might now be being worked on by Google, and perhaps even with the blessing of Microsoft. For buyers, it would mean the guarantee of drivers so that the Pixelbook's USB ports, touchscreen, webcam, and other hardware components would all play nicely with Windows software.

Googlers have been spotted submitting AltOS-related commits to both the normal Pixelbook branch and the campfire branch, suggesting that the updated firmware isn't destined to stay behind Google's doors.

If you'll recall, AltOS recently came onto the scene as a viable method of being able to install Windows on a Pixelbook. It would mark a significant change in business strategy for Google. Eve is the Pixelbook's development codename.

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