Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who shot club patron while breakdancing charged with assault

Evarado Alatorre
Junio 14, 2018

Mr Bishop handed himself in to police on Tuesday and has been charged with second-degree assault. Additional charges may be filed after testing determines whether alcohol was involved in the accident.

Additional charges could also be filed after an analysis of Bishop's blood alcohol content are finished, the DA said.

Bishop was ordered by a judge to stay at least 100 yards from Reddington at all times.

The off-duty agent was showing off his moves in the center of a dance circle at Mile High Spirits bar on June 2 when he launched into a back handspring. He then went for a backflip.

An off-duty Federal Bureau of Investigation agent whose gun accidentally fired after it dropped out of its holster while he was doing a backflip at a nightclub was taken into custody on Tuesday, jail records showed.

Tom Reddington, 24, was left shot in the leg and reportedly will have to undergo vascular surgery to fix a major artery.

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'We sat down at one of those picnic tables, I heard a loud bang and I thought some idiot set off a firecracker, ' he said in his first interview. "All of a sudden, from the knee down my leg became completely red", Reddington, 24, said. "Then it clicked that I've been shot". If someone at the bar had not quickly applied a tourniquet, the patron may have bled to death.

Authorities did not initially identify the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent because he was not arrested at the time, Denver police community resource officer Marika Putnam said.

Reddington has been released from the hospital but his lawyer, Frank Azar, told The Denver Post that he is "pretty seriously hurt".

The gun fell to the floor and, as the agent went to grab it, it fired a shot.

"He's welcome at Mile High Spirits to enjoy complimentary drinks forever", they said in a statement published by KDVR.

The video shows the off-duty agent reaching for the gun and allegedly accidentally firing the weapon, hitting another patron in the leg.

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