Elon Musk: Tesla's next-gen Roadster will have an 'Augmented Mode'

Galtero Lara
Junio 14, 2018

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock surged more than 12 points to $330 in early trading Monday after Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted that the next major Tesla software update will begin to enable all versions of the electric auto "full self-driving features".

The latest software update, which started to roll out last week, features a new feature that will increase the number of warnings it gives drivers to take control of the auto. To date, Autopilot resources have rightly focused entirely on safety.

Media coverage of the most recent crash triggered a weekslong Twitter crusade against the press by Musk, who argued that coverage of Autopilot-linked wrecks ignored the larger fact that such features were already safer than unassisted driving.

Version 9 is the first full update of the software since version 8 was released in 2016.

While Tesla is selling a full self-driving package, that does not mean that consumers will be able to use it immediately.

It has not been made clear which self-driving features would be included in the August update. Individual self-driving "features" may amount to little more than further enhancements of Autopilot. The company clearly states the facts of life: "Self-Driving functionality is dependent upon extensive software validation and regulatory approval, which may vary widely by jurisdiction".

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The National Transportation Safety Board said in a preliminary report last week that a Tesla operating on Autopilot sped up before a crash into a freeway barrier in California that killed the driver.

The price of Musk cutting off analysts?

Tesla's shares were last up 3.3 per cent at $327.93 on Monday after touching a high of $333.

The company is counting on Model 3 sales to help it reach profitability.

GM had said it will expand the roll-out of Super Cruise to all its Cadillac models beginning 2020.

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