Don’t Be Afraid to Talk With Someone

Maricruz Casares
Junio 14, 2018

The suicide rate in our nation has risen an alarming 25 percent over the last two decades, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than half of suicides in 2015 in a subgroup of 27 states were among people with no known mental health condition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found. Suicide is rarely caused by any single factor, health officials said, but information from coroners' reports suggest numerous deaths followed relationship problems, substance use and financial crises.

There were almost 45,000 suicides in 2016. There was a reported increase in the number of people who died by suicide using the same method as comedian Robin Williams after he died, McBride said. What factors put someone at risk for suicide, and how can we reverse the trend? The suicide rate for females between ages 10 and 14 nearly tripled. Tens of millions of us-about one in every five Americans-live among you every day without you knowing that we have a mental illness.

Another recent example of this was with the release of the highly controversial Netflix drama series 13 Reasons Why, which depicts the suicide of a high school student - and which, according to one study, prompted a swift 20 percent rise in Google queries about suicide.

"One of the things we keep coming back to when these surprising events happen is you never know what is in somebody's head", he said.

As cliche as it sounds, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

"We're missing most of these cases, that's really the bottom line", he said.

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Rasgon also worries that some people might be treating symptoms of depression, like chronic physical pain, with drugs that are designed for other purposes (rather than medication for depression).

The report said people without known mental health problems were more likely to die by firearms than those with known mental health problems.

The CDC says there was nearly a 10% increase of suicides in the four months following Robin Williams death by suicide. Long gone are the days when mental health issues are ignored; professional help is out there, and being depressed, for example, is something for which treatment may be needed.

"If I find out that somebody in the person's life has committed suicide, that is a strong data point".

Drugs and guns are two areas in which Zinzow and Thompson are not now working, but they see a desperate need for research to understand their roles in suicide.

"Someone will be there to talk to you, there are people at counseling centers all over town that want to help".

Cerel says that people who have lost loved ones to suicide are at the most risk of suicide themselves and that it's heightened even more after a high-profile suicide.

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